The Secret of Precious Gems

Why choosing precious and semi-precious gems for a cosmetic line?
Precisely because they are “precious” and thus universally recognized as being much richer than any other vegetable or mineral in trace elements (fundamental and essential minerals for all the biological functions of the body and the skin). But not only, from an energy perspective, they are endowed with important therapeutic virtues that have been known and used in lithotherapy and gemmotherapy for a long time.
We are naturally attracted by the radiance of the Diamond, the intensity of the Ruby, the transparency of the Quartz, without knowing that at the heart of the chemical bonds, they hide their most precious secret: the essential elements for the organism well-being (Iron, Calcium, Zinc, etc…) in their purest and highest energy state. 
Human body is made up of over hundred trillions of cells, each of them containing hundred trillions of atoms, formed by minerals that appeared millions of years ago somewhere in the cosmos. All physical reactions use enzymes activated by minerals (biological catalysts that accelerate slow chemical reactions to trigger them rapidly, at the right time).
The same minerals are therefore present in the stars, in our body and in precious stones.
We are stars and gems dust: chemistry reminds it to us every day. And requires it.